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Our services

The different voice, dial-up and broadband services which Digital Dales can offer you, your community and your business

Digital Dales can offer voice and internet connectivity, including broadband, of one flavour or another, to pretty much any part of the UK. We are also now offering these services to most of Europe. What we can offer:

    • * Cheap voice calls through The Phone Co-op, including 1p per minute daytime and weekends – special offer.

* ADSL/SDSL (where available) 1/2Mbps to 8Mbps – from £21.27/month

    • * Satellite broadband – 1/2Mbps to 2Mbps – price dependent on number of users (See our “10 and you’re there” solution for cost-sharing options)
    • * Community Broadband Network in a Box
    • * Advice and expertise on all aspects of setting up a community broadband network
    • * Broadband Incorporation Toolkit – essential for setting up a community network. Talk to Emma Laycock and say Digital Dales sent you in her direction!

* Mentoring days to help you with your community broadband network* LocustWorld MeshBox advice

  • * One day and half day events to help bring broadband to your community
  • * Antennas, pigtails, access points, wireless bridges, LMR400 cable and much more at discounted prices – all you need to get wireless broadband
  • * Broadband for your Business Workshops
  • * Technology advice eg using VoIP, TV over IP, Video on Demand, video conferencing, etc
  • * YOU CAN ………. our series of articles for businesses, SME’s, individuals, co-ops, and social enterprises to make the most of the Internet and broadband.

10 and you´re there

With only 10 people to connect, you can use this model to set up your own network, as the first step to a sustainable wireless community network. PLEASE NOTE: This was using the now defunct (Feb 2006) Aramiska Community product range. We are working on alternative backhaul solutions into ‘unreachable’ and unviable areas using SharedBand and alternative satellite providers. Please do get in touch for the current costs for the different solutions.


Buy your ADSL here. Digital Dales is a virtual Co-operative ISP so you can become a member and even get a divvy! Business and domestic packages.

Applications and content

Whether it’s voice telephony, video on demand, video conferencing, running a media server for local content, or using advanced business software, broadband has soooooooooooooooooooo much potential. Share your experience with others about broadband content and applications in the forums, the wiki, or by submitting an article for publication.


Broadband articles from many sources and on many subjects. Feel free to submit yours and contribute by becoming a member!

Blackhaul options

In order to get a broadband connection you need ‘backhaul’. This comes in several different flavours and here is where you will find the required info to make a choice between satellite, DSL, fibre, Free Space Optics etc.


Antennas, wireless bridges, MeshBoxes, cables, pigtails, wi-fi cards, network cards, wi-fi sniffers, VoIP phones and adaptors, PBX’s etc. All your needs for setting up a wireless network. Summat to sell? Add it and help others out!