ICT Seminars

During this year, we shall continue to hold seminars and events across the UK and beyond. Digital Dales organises the Access to Broadband Campaign events, and has organised events for Scottish Executive, Community Broadband Network, Yorkshire Forward and others.

These events are for businesses and citizens, local authorities, RDA’s, government and industry.

All events will be webcast where possible. (Sponsors welcome for all aspects of the events). The dates and venues are updated as regularly as we are able but please check for final registration details.


March 29th – Yorkshire Forward/CBN event for community networks – White Hart, Harrogate. A well attended event covering applications and services, next gen networks, CANs in action, engaging the community, NYnet and the ADIT. Photos and video can be found on the ComplexityGroup.

NEXT EVENT: 5th CAN Colloquium, 21st April. To be held in Pateley Bridge, Nidderdale. CanDo Award ceremony after the event.

The Colloquia are held to bring together those operating community broadband networks for informal yet informative discussions. We cover issues such as problems faced, solutions found, dealing with competition, engaging your community, sustainability, technical difficulties, recent innovations, and more. The day’s discussions depend on your input and there is always a fantastic amount of networking and information sharing. Recent colloquium discussions have included Sharedband and ADSL bonding, VoIP into caravan sites, creating community content, centralised services, network security etc. We shall also be deciding the CANdo Awards categories. More details can be found here.

Register today, price is £20 + VAT and includes lunch. Wireless broadband connectivity available so bring toys to connect over it! (Particularly webcams etc so we can webcast to those who are attending remotely).